Wildlife Trafficking: A Shocking Remains Of Illegal Trade | #WildlifeWednesday

Wildlife trafficking poses an immediate threat to animals and to our environment as well – deforestation, endangering species… to name a few

Aptly dubbed as the “international museum of wildlife trafficking,” the National Eagle and Wildlife Property Repository at Denver, Colorado houses the “largest, most mind-numbing collection” of dead wild animals killed for their hides. The 16,000-square-foot warehouse holds a collection of 1.5 million specimens wherein “mostly products made from some of the world’s most critically endangered mammals and reptiles.”

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Wildlife Trafficking: A Shocking Remains Of Illegal Trade | #WildlifeWednesday

Screen-cap: See What’s Inside This Grisly Warehouse of Wildlife Trafficking | By Scott Wallace | National Geographic


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Saved from closure

The UK National Wildlife Crime Unit (NWCU), a specialist unit that assists organizations and police forces in the prevention and detection of wildlife crime, is saved from closure after the government announced new funding of £136,000 a year until 2020. The government recognizes the vital role that NWCU has contributed in fighting wildlife crimes both in the UK and abroad.


Help save the Bornean Elephants from extinction

An alarming trend of orphan elephants being rescued means their mothers are being killed. This was the statement given by Dr Sen Nathan, assistant director of Sabah’s Wildlife Department. In numbers, 15 baby elephants, all below 1 year old, have been rescued for the past 3 years. These orphans have been wandering alone. In 2013, 14 elephants died of poisoning in Sabah. In a report by local NGO and Sabah Wildlife Department, “64% of the elephants were found outside of protected forests”. This could mean a high risk of conflict between humans and elephants.


Wildlife trafficking as a serious crime

According to Philip Mansbridge, UK director of the International Fund for Animal Welfare, wildlife trafficking is “one of the world’s most lucrative criminal activities” which is valued at €15 billion annually. On February 26, The European Commission proposed that wildlife trafficking should be recategorised as a serious crime that’s punishable by up to four years prison time.


Wildlife Trafficking: A Shocking Remains Of Illegal Trade | #WildlifeWednesday

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