#WellnessWednesday: How To Relieve Wrist Pain With These Simple Exercises

I was about to begin my research for work when I felt a very slight pain in my wrist. This sensation made me worry because it’s an ongoing problem every time I use the computer but didn’t pay much attention to it until today. The gel wrist mouse pad that I bought two months ago didn’t help. So finally, I googled for solutions. If you are suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and work-related wrist pain, like using the computer’s mouse for a long period – like in my case, these exercises will help you relieve of that pain. Of course, it’s still best to seek medical help if your condition is extreme.


This woman found a way to cure her aching wrist pain without minimizing computer usage. And this is what I’m doing starting today. She proposed that instead of resting your wrist on the mouse pad then use it to move the mouse, try to lift your wrist and use your arm to maneuver the mouse.







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