#TravelTuesday: Sketching on tour is not about details but quickly jotting down the basic shapes

In her Youtube channel, Mary of Mary Doodles allows us to take a look at her Moleskine sketchbook. During her European tour this fall, just in time for Inktober, she filled her sketchbook with doodles of things she saw on tour. So how does a traveler captures gestures, people and random things that caught your interest? When it comes to sketching, she said that it’s not about detailed drawing because the idea is to quickly jot down the basic shapes. In this way, you can focus on gestures.


So you’re planning a trip? Bring a camera for Instagram-worthy photos and the sketchpad and pens for doodle. Yes, unleash your artistic chops with doodling because you can; besides, it’s a great way to document your travel.





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