High BMI could lead to depression – survey result and sun-gazing for weight loss?

Having a healthy lifestyle reflects a sound mind and body. Of course we are aware of how smoking, alcoholism and unhealthy eating habits affect our body. But how about our mental well-being? A survey conducted by Britain’s Healthiest Company shows that individuals with high body mass index (BMI) have a greater chance of suffering from clinical depression. In fact, according to Shaun Subel, director of strategy at VitalityHealth, mental health issues are not just linked to BMI and physical activity but to musculoskeletal issues as well.

Speaking of lifestyle check, hypertension or high blood pressure is known as a silent killer. I’m surprised to know that hypertension doesn’t show symptoms. You know it when, so to speak, the damage has been done. To combat this, lifestyle modification should be considered both for non-hypertensive and hypertensive individuals:

  • healthy diet
  • including potassium and fiber
  • drinking plenty of water
  • regular
  • avoiding tobacco and alcohol
  • limiting the sodium (salt) to 1,500 mg per day

Prevention is better than cure. Today’s tip: take an early morning walk, about 30 minutes – get some sunshine and sweat it out. No intense workout. But this weight loss fad from Hong Kong is extremely weird – “sun-gazing as a substitute for eating”!


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