Backed by Oxford University study: 10AM is the best time to start work and school

Sleep deprivation is a threat to our health. If your sleeping habit is past midnight and you need to be up by 6AM to prepare for work or school, then most likely you’re not getting enough sleep. This case is everybody’s concern because it impacts our well-being. Lack of sleep could lead to stress, hypertension and poor performance. Dr Paul Kelly, of Oxford University, supports the idea that work and school time should begin at 10AM because of our circadian rhythm. According to experiments on circadian rhythms, students perform better when school starts at 10AM for 16-year-olds while 11AM is best for university students. Likewise, employees who are working early morning hurt their productivity and causes health issues.

The gist is that work or school time should be in tune with our natural body clock or circadian rhythm.

How cool is that? Work and school starts at 10AM! My work starts 8AM. Working home-based allows me to have a bit of flexible working schedule. Before starting my job, I make sure I had taken a maximum of 30 minute walking around my neighborhood. I need some sunshine vitamin to feel good and ready to face the four-letter word: WORK. Seriously, have you ever pondered about what time of the day you start to get productive?

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