21st century nuns are cool

For sister Tracy Kemme, Pope Francis’ attitude of putting mercy, compassion and outreach into action resonates with the nuns. The effect is seen as “less about rules and more about relationships.”

Before social media could let us peer into the day-to-day lives of complete strangers, the only religious sisters most non-practicing Catholics were exposed to were the ones Whoopi Goldberg met in Sister Act. Now if a woman who is considering taking a vow to serve God wants to know exactly what that vow entails, the Internet can be her guide. Kemme has a blog called Sister-in-Training while Sister Helena has one called Hell Burns, which features a surprising amount of movie reviews, from the expected (90 Minutes in Heaven) to the not-so-expected (Nightcrawler).

Source: Hey, Guess What: Nuns Are Cool Right Now – Jezebel.com




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